Lab news

20 January 2024

De l'océan au laboratoire: à la rencontre des organismes modèles marins

15 January 2024

Welcome to the team Irene Karapidaki

19 December 2023

Award of CNRS Medal to Mathilde

4-16 December 2023

Welcoming back Chiara on a mini sabbatical

23-24 November 2023

Marie Curie Regenerate-IT kickoff meeting in Groningen

23-24 October 2023

DeepLineage project meets in Lyon

2 October 2023

Welcome Savannah Moinet, PhD student

2 October 2023

Welcome Azra Atabay, Marie Curie PhD fellow

4 August 2023

EU will fund the Marie Curie doctoral network 'ZooCell'

11-13 July 2023

Lab retreat in the Ardeche

13 July 2023

ANR approves collaborative grant 'RePlay'

15 June 2023

Ko's preprint on incremental deep learning for image segmentation

3 April 2023

Congratulations Mathilde, Médaille de Bronze CNRS 2023! 

30 March 2023

Past and present lab members at the IGFL symposium

30-31 March 2023

IGFL 10th Anniversary Symposium

28 March 2023

Welcome Lorenza Rusciano, on Erasmus from Naples

23 March 2023

Thank you FRM for award of Équipe FRM grant

16 December 2022

Farewell Ko and Rodrigo

12 December 2022

Congratulations Dr.  Alba Almazan!

22 November to 2 December 2022

Research visit by the Arnone HFSP team

22 November 2022

Lab feijoada tonight

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