ELEPHANT cell tracking software
3D cell tracking combining manual annotation, deep learning and proofreading. Interactive setup enables users to train deep learning models incrementally, using sparse annotations, making deep learning widely accessible for cell tracking.
CeLaVi lineage visualisation tool
Web-based visualization tool that allows users to navigate and interact with cell lineage trees, whilst simultaneously visualising the spatial distribution, identities and properties of cells.

Imaging data

Live imaging of regenerating Parhyale leg, including cell tracking

Genomics and transcriptomics data

Parhyale genome assembly (updated 2018)
Parhyale genome annotation (updated 2022)
– datasets S1, S2 and S29
RNAseq profiling of Parhyale leg development and regeneration
RNAseq profiling of the Parhyale molting cycle
Single-nucleus RNAseq on adult Parhyale legs

Plasmids and antibodies

Plasmids for CRISPR, transgenesis and mosaic tools
Nubbin/Pdm cross-reactive monoclonal antibody 2D4


Life Through the Looking Glass
A virtual exhibition by young researchers (including Alba Almazan from our team) presenting their ongoing work on animal evolution.